Pablo M. Olmos


Research interests

My research interests are in the area of digital communications and machine learning. Currently, I work on the following problems:

  • Analysis and design of finite-length SC-LDPC codes and Generalized LDPC codes.

  • Expectation Consistency methods for Approximate Inference in Probabilistic Graphical Models.

  • Bayesian Multi-view Learning for Heterogeneous Database Integration.

  • Topic Modeling and Text Recognition in Historical Documents.

Latest news!

Pre-print uploaded to Arxiv (April 2018)

Boosting Handwriting Text Recognition in Small Databases with Transfer Learning. José Carlos Aradillas, Juan José Murillo-Fuentes, Pablo M. Olmos

Tensor Flow Course updated (February 2018)

I have added a new section on Amortized Variational Inference with Neural Networks and Variational Autoencoders.

You can find the material in the ML courses section.

New course: Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning (January 2018)

I share the material I am preparing for an introductory course on Data Science and Machine Learning.

You can find the material in the ML courses section.