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Gonzalo Vazquez Vilar

Signal Theory and Communications Department

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar research interests lie in the fields of information theory, communications theory and signal processing. Currently he is working in the field of Shannon theory with focus on finite-length information theory, statistical hypothesis testing and their extensions for quantum systems.


Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar teachs of the following courses offered by the Signal Theory and Communications Department at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

  • Optimization: Graduate course on optimization theory, illustrated with applications in machine learning, communications and signal processing.

  • Linear Systems: Undergraduate course on Fourier analysis, with focus on the design and analysis of linear systems in the frequency domain.

  • Introduction to Quantum Communications and Computing: Undergraduate course introducing the fundamentals of quantum communication and computing, illustrated with examples and applications.

A list of previous courses can be found here.


Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar
Torres Quevedo Building, 4.2.A12
Avda. de la Universidad 30, 28911 Leganés, Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 91 624 8450
Email: gonzalo.vazquez (at)